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Tricks And Treats

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You and your friends have just returned from Trick-or-treating. Your parents don't want a repeat of last year's fiasco! So for this Halloween, you and your friends are to place all of the candy you collected on the table and divide it equally among several numbered baskets. And each year, two of the baskets are to be donated to the local homeless shelter. All the parents have agreed to use numbers instead of names on the baskets to keep you and your friends from placing the most candy in your own baskets and fighting over it. But being the sneaky devil you are, you snatched the little numbered note from your parent's purse.

Now that you know which number is yours, you'll be able to sneak more candy into your candy basket. But what's this? Your friends gather around the table wearing that same sneaky grin you're sporting. Could they have figured out which number they have too? If you can catch your friends cheating you might be able to get them in trouble and that means more candy for you... But if you tattle on your friends and you're wrong, you could end up giving up your share of the candy! You'll have to use your wits to get the most candy into your basket.