Store Events

Mega Games Penrith is a fun, safe and LGBTQI friendly gaming store. We have toilets for participating players, drinks and snacks available for purchase. For parents of younger children playing in Pokemon, Magic or YuGiOh Events, you are welcome to wait in the lunch area of the store (please check with Manuel or Christine to ensure we have the capacity due to COVID maximum occupancy restrictions).

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have adhered to NSW State Government health recommendations and have limited places in tournaments for everyone's safety. Please head to our Facebook page to register for events to ensure you do not miss out. 

Note - all precautions are taken to clean and sanitise the store. Please help us maintain a safe environment for all by staying home if you are unwell, or have tested positive for COVID-19 and always make use of our hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities in-store. We are registered as a COVID Safe business with the NSW State Government.



For more detailed information, please visit our Events Page on Facebook

Events When? Cost Prizes
Magic FNM Every Friday @ 7pm $10 Yes
Magic FNM Legacy Every Friday @ 7:30pm $10 Yes
Magic Modern Every Saturday @ 11am $10 Yes
Magic Commander Casual Every Saturday @ 2pm $6 No
YuGiOh Every Saturday @ 1pm $10 Yes
See Facebook Events Page
$10 Yes
Board Games
See Facebook Events Page
$3 No
D&D Groups See Facebook Events Page $3 No
Starfinder See Facebook Events Page $3 No
See Facebook Events Page
$10 Yes