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Trapped: Escape Room Game Pack - Mission To Mars

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IN MISSION TO MARS, you and your crew are on a mission to Mars! Approaching the red planet in search of a new Earth, you wake from your cryosleep pod, gasping for air… As the alarm echoes through the ship, your ears adjust to the message… It’s one no astronaut wants to hear: “WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! CRITICAL FAILURE!” A life-threatening system failure means you must now land the ship manually. Check your coordinates. Steady the thrusters. Solve the problems… Can you and your crew save the mission? The fate of humanity is in your hands!
TURN YOUR HOUSE INTO AN ESCAPE ROOM: All you need for a great night in: up to six players
YOU ALL PLAY AT ONCE: No turn-taking. Adults, kids, teens, and families can all join in together
NOT A CARD GAME: Real codes to crack and tests to pass in this interactive family game.Just like a real Escape Room this game has no board. Choose a room and using the materials provided, turn it into your very own Escape Room