That Escalated Quickly

That Escalated Quickly

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Put your friends' responses to silly prompts in order.

It's a card game where players work together to put absurd answers in the right order. In true Exploding Kittens style, we’re giving you the canvas to have an amazing time with your family and friends. It requires equal parts creativity and absurdity, and your success hinges on how well you understand everyone’s sense of humor.

To play That Escalated Quickly, read out a simple question (ex. I’m locked in a tiny room. What else is locked in here with me from cutest to scariest).

Then everyone is assigned a secret number from one to ten. Next, each player answers the question, and the intensity of that answer is based on their secret number (ex. 1= a bunny, 10= a grizzly bear with chainsaw arms.)

Finally, the person who read the question has to try and sort those answers into the correct order. If they get it right, everyone wins!

This game is hilarious, energetic, and a great way to get to know your friends and family a little bit better.

This is a collaboration with Cocktail Games based on their Spiel de Jahres Game of the Year nominated title, Top Ten.

2-8 Players | 15 Mins | Ages 10+