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Viewpoint Prehistoric Park

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Help Eyenstein and his one-eyed companions, Iris and Hawk, return to their home world of Myclopia after a lab accident strands them blinking around the Viewniverse.  Harness the power of the Viewniverse by collecting Viewpoints to help the Blinkers return home!

Prehistoric Park, the third set in the episodic Viewpoint card game series, transports the Blinkers to Menagerie, a world that is in the midst of a power struggle between the nefarious Doctor Crichton, a geneticist who has been creating peculiar creatures, and the rebellious Neandeyethal, one of Doctor Crichton's creations.  Join the Blinkers as they are forced to pick a side whilst avoiding being eaten by the inhabitants of Menagerie.  If the Blinkers escape Menagerie, catch them in the next episode - The Winking Dead.

Each Viewpoint set can be played as a standalone episode or mixed in any combination for a more thrilling adventure.​