Green Stuff - Basic Epoxy - GF9

Green Stuff - Basic Epoxy - GF9

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"Green Stuff" : Basic Epoxy (sculpting putty)

Miniature figure sculptors and modelers use Kneadatite Blue/Yellow, which they have nicknamed "Green", for a number of specific uses:

- To fashion the models used to make the molds for miniature pewter figures.
- To fill gaps that appear in "built-up" kits.
- To customize pieces with added parts not included in model kits.
- To make original sculptures.

Kneadatite is a room-temperature curing epoxy/polyamide sealant in two-part tape form. It is stable in its packaged form consisting of base and curing agent side by side on release film. The base and curing agent are of contrasting colors so that when kneaded together, complete mixing is easily observed.

Its adhesive properties allow the artist to add detail gradually, before or after the previously applied Kneadatite has fully hardened. It has excellent adhesion to stone, ceramic, metal, wood, and many plastics including vinyl. When fully hardened, it can be painted, sanded, filed, drilled, tapped, screwed, etc.

Kneadatite's features and benefits make it the best product available for sculptors and modelers:

- Extremely smooth, non-grainy texture.
- Long work life (1-1/2 to 2 hrs.).
- Ability to hold fine detail.
- Adheres well to almost any surface.
- Has slightly flexibility after cure so it doesn't snap under stress
- Withstands high heat (325 F) and up to 2,000 pounds of pressure during the mold making process.

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