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Baby Dragon Bedtime

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Mama Dragon has called bedtime and the dragons don't have their hoards in order! They'll have to be fast to grab the gold before their siblings! A real time deckbuilder that is a flurry of fun in just five minutes. Skill and bluffing are needed as well as speed, as you need to grab the right cards at the right time.

Like most infants, baby dragons hate going to bed! But now Mumma Dragon has declared it bed time and the dragons haven't got their hoards in order. They'll need to scramble as fast as they can to grab the gold and go to sleep, while making sure they get more gold than their siblings!

Baby Dragon Bedtime is the world's first real-time deckbuilder. Players all act at once to move through their decks to find cards that let them peek at the cards face down on the table and then pull them into their hand - assuming they are valuable gold of course and not dustbunnies!

Play takes only about a minute but players have been known to play for hours. And it makes a great family game as kids and adults can play together.