6 Nimmt! (30 Years Jubilee Edition)

6 Nimmt! (30 Years Jubilee Edition)

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For 30 years, fans of 6 nimmt! worldwide have been proving that they are anything but dunces!

Collect as few bullheads as possible.

Strategically place your number cards onto one of four rows.

But in 6 nimmt!, the name says it all: If you play the sixth card in a row, you have to take the first five cards - and that brings negative points!

This anniversary edition offers the well-known base game as well as the new cooperative variant, "Beat the Buffalo."

Cleverly use the special cards to pass on the negative points not to each other, but to the buffalo. Are you up for the challenge?

Four additional special cards, created by 6 nimmt! fans, also provide even more variety in the game!

6 Nimmt! 30 Years Jubilee Edition is a 30th anniversary edition of 6 nimmt! that includes the standard base game that's playable by 2-10 players, as well as cards used in four variants of the base game (created by fans to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the game) and separate cards used in a new co-operative variant. Each variant must be played on its own, not combined with another.

1-10 Players | 45 Mins | Ages 8+