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Vanguard Lyrical Melody Melody Booster

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Players will be able to strengthen the Lyrical Trial Deck released a week earlier with this Lyrical Melody Booster with Grade 3 Ride Line units from various races, 5 types of Over Triggers, and units in their concert outfit to be included in each display! The Lyrical Special Packs - 1 piece each of 7 types of LSP (Lyrical Special) cards - containing an original stunning illustration by the famed manga artist group CLAMP and 6 units in their concert outfit will be randomly included as well! Not forgetting 5 types of LSR (Lyrical Secret Rare) cards too!


    • 5 Ride Lines!
    • 3 types each of Critical Trigger, Draw Trigger, Front Trigger, and Heal Trigger!
    • 5 types of Sentinels with the same ability hastens your journey of deck construction too!
    • Following the footsteps of "Genesis of the Five Greats" and "A Brush with the Legends", 1 SP will be included in each box as well!
LSR (Lyrical Secret Rare) or Lyrical Special Pack will be included randomly!