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Shuffle Trivial Pursuit

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Shuffle Trivial Pursuit is an exciting compact card game version of the popular traditional Trivial Pursuit, great for when you want a quick game or are on the go! How to Play - Draw one card from the Draw pile. Play one card from your hand. To play a coloured Wedge card, place the card face up in front of you. The player on your right draws the top Question card and reads the question matching the category of your Wedge. If you answer correctly, keep the Wedge in front of you on the table. If you do not answer correctly, discard the Wedge.

To play a Wild Wedge card, answer a question from the category of your choice. If you answer correctly, keep the Wild Wedge in front of you. If you do not answer correctly, discard it. To play a Steal card, simply steal a Wedge from in front of any player and place it in front of you. No need to answer any questions! For a Double Steal, you can steal two Wedges – two from one player, or one from each of two players. Discard the Steal or Double Steal after you play it. Note: A Wild Wedge cannot be stolen! You can play a Block card to block a Steal or Double Steal card if one is played against you. When this happens, both the Block and the Steal/Double Steal cards are discarded. Draw a new card after you play a Block.

The Buzz card could be used against you by another player if that player thinks they know the answer to your question. They must grab the Buzz card before you can answer. If you answer your question incorrectly, they can have a go. If they are correct, they take the Wedge card. If their answer is wrong, you take one of their earned Wedges (if they have any).

Ages 16 + | 2 + Players