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Fzzzt Plus Expansion

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Fzzzt! is an auction game in which players want to acquire robots, both for the value of the robot itself as well as its ability to create parts to fulfill production orders. Players start the game with four money cards, valued at 0-3, and in each of the game's five rounds, eight cards from the deck will be auctioned. At the start of a round, you lay out the cards face-down on the assembly line, then reveal the card at the end of the line, which indicates how many other cards (1-8) to reveal. Players do a series of blind biddings (of a sort) for each card in turn, with the auction winnings going into a personal discard pile, along with the money spent. If all players have run out of cards in hand before the end of a round, everyone draws six cards and continues to bid.

The game comes with a bonus expansion pack