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Munchkin Dungeon Expansion Cthulhu

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Munchkin: Dungeon - Cthulu Board Game Expansion

Are You (Stark Raving) Mad, Bro?

It’s Cthulhu. I mean, you can’t have a game without Cthulhu, right? Of course there’s a Cthulhu expansion for Munchkin Dungeon. We wouldn’t be doing our due diligence if we didn’t have a Cthulhu expansion. And going a little mad never hurt anyone, right?

The Cthulhu expansion for Munchkin Dungeon will cause everyone to go a little bit mad. The set includes new Threats, new Rooms and Room Monsters, and the big cheese himself, Cthulhu. This new boss will test everyone’s nerves. The set also introduces Madness tokens. Players gain Madness for entering special rooms in the Dungeon. Going a little mad might not be so bad, as some of the symptoms are beneficial. But get too much, and you might leave the dungeon escorted by men in white coats.

Requires the Munchkin Dungeon Base Game to play.


  • 5 Miniatures
  • 20 Madness Tokens
  • 24 Threat Cards
  • 12 Room Cards
  • 24 Loot Cards

Ages 14+
2-5 Players
Duration: 80 Minutes