Geek Out Big Bang Theory

Geek Out Big Bang Theory

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The ever-popular Geek Out trivia game is back with a brand new theme, the hit TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory!

Now you can determine once and for all which player knows the most about your favourite pop culture subjects.

Featuring trivia and facts about the shows characters, interests and other relevant pop culture topics, you don’t have to be a geek to win, but it certainly helps!

Players draw cards that ask them to list as many things as they can that pertain to a given category (e.g. comic books, science fiction and fantasy).

But, before you begin, your opponents have the opportunity to steal your points by bidding to list even more answers than the card requires!

Can you bluff your way through each geek list?

The bidding continues until the number one player is ready to “out-geek” their mates!

Collect a pre-arranged number of cards to win the game!

Ages: 10 + | Players: 2 +

  • 144 x List cards 
  • 20 x Penalty Chips  
  • 1 x 6 sided Die 
  • 1 x Gameboard.