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Best Of The Worst

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Best of the worst is the game of life's lesser moments! Do you remember your worst first date? How about your worst trip to the dentist or worst day at school? Sure they all seem terrible at the time, even life-threatening in some cases! But over time, you can look back and there's usually a pretty good story attached to the experience! That's Best of the worst! Do your Best and tell your worst! For 3-6 players.

Draw a card and come up with your Best story to go along with the worst scenario on the card

Tell what really happened or go ahead and stretch the truth if you'd prefer

It's up to everyone else playing to determine if what you're saying is a true story or a bogus story. Every player who tells a story advances one space and gets an additional space for every vote they receive.

Contents 1 Card Deck including 88 "Your worst" Cards (176 different scenarios) 8 Voting Cards 8 True Story Cards 8 Bogus Story Cards 8 Hat Cards 8 Pawns 1 Game Board Instructions

For 3-8 players. Ages 14 and up