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Game Elements

  • Foundation & Tower

    The first piece you place is called your foundation, which is the only piece that is allowed to touch the table surface. The foundation and all other pieces stacked on it are collectively called your tower.

    All other pieces must be balanced on the foundation or on another piece in your tower.

  • Placing Pieces

    Once you have accepted a piece, either by placing the winning bid during a Build or receiving a piece from a Push, you must place it on your tower before play can proceed.

    You may not touch your tower or move pieces you have already placed; however, you may use an accepted piece to adjust the position of pieces already placed on your tower.

    Once you let go of a piece, it has been placed and cannot be picked back up or adjusted except by the above method.

  • Pool

    A player's remaining tokens. All players start with 10 tokens and do not gain any more during the game.

  • Tower Collapse

    Your tower is considered to have collapsed if, at any time and for any reason, a piece other than your foundation touches the table surface; this includes pieces that you have accepted and are in the process of placing.

    When a tower collapses, that player is out of the game: all of their pieces are immediately put back into the supply and all their tokens returned to the bank.

    If a tower collapses on a player's turn but before they have chosen a piece for a Build or Push, they may immediately make use of the new pieces. A tower may collapse such that the force of the impact or a scattering piece hits another player's tower and causes theirs to collapse