Cardfight Vanguard



Friday 14th & 28th

Start 7.00 pm

Cost $10.00

Prizes: Boosters


Saturday 8th & 22nd 

Start 10.00 am

Cost $10.00

Prizes: Boosters








Autumn Circuit Shop Qualifier 2017

Saturday 19th August

Format: Clan Fight

Registration 9.30am to 10.15am

Start 10.30am

Cost $20.00

Prizes: TBA

Rounds depend on attendance.

Top 4 or 8 depend on attendance.

Only English Card allowed.

Maximum 2 sleeve layers.

Sleeves must be opaque.

Players may use different sleeves for G Units

Beginning Vanguard must be in same sleeve as main deck


Demonic Advent Sneak Peek

Friday 25th August

Cost $40.00

Start 7.00pm