Sushi Go Spin Some for Dim Sum

Sushi Go Spin Some for Dim Sum

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It’s a new delicious spin on the classic Sushi Go game. Collect the best combination of dishes from the Spin Table. Each dish scores in a unique way.  Collect menu items from the basket in front of you or use your Chopstick tokens to rotate the Spin Table and choose a different dish. Try to build the most valuable combinations of dishes.  The game ends when everyone has 12 total dishes, highest score wins!

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-6
Play time: 20 minutes

  • FAMILY BOARD GAME FOR KIDS AGES 8 AND UP: Get ready for a new Spin on a classic game! Sushi Go Spin Some for Dim Sum is a Spin, Pick and Pass Game!
  • FUN STRATEGY GAME: Collect sets of Dim Sum to score the most points. Pick the Dim Sum in front of your plate. Want a different dish, use Chopstick tokens to Spin the tray for the Dim Sum You Need. Build the most valuable menu to win
  • INCLUDES STEAMED BUN SQUISHY: Snag the Steamed Bun Squishy to spin the tray for free! Plus, if you have the most squishy tokens you get more points at the end of the game.
  • MOST POINTS WINS: Players who build the most valuable menu after 12 rounds win. Use strategy, and a little luck, to get the most valuable items on the menu.
  • FUN GIFTS FOR KIDS: Strategy Board Games are excellent adult and kids gifts for families that love playing indoor games.


  • 1 Spin Table with 6 Steamer Baskets
  • 105 Circular Dim Sum Cards
  • 6 Menus
  • 24 Chopsticks Tokens
  • 6 Plate tokens
  • 1 Squishy Steamed Bun
  • Rules of Play